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Services provided by Alan Caldwell Associates

Business Planning

Our business planning skills can help you in two ways.  Firstly, if your organisation needs to adapt and change, we can help you through this process and to prepare a fiancially sustainable business model.  If you have a new project or enterprising idea we can help you structure, deliver and implement a realistic business plan for your venture.

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Community Engagement

We know how communities work! We believe local people must be actively involved in determining their future. We help communities and their partners to involve people, plan effectively and organise themselves to make things happen. We help to plan and deliver exciting workshops, seminars and conferences that enthuse and deliver great results.

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Low Carbon Futures

We help local communities to rise to the challenges of the 21st century.  We help them to become more self sufficient and to look at how they move about; how they provide energy and food; how they provide workspaces for people who can fix things; how they entertain and look after each other.  In other words, how they can build a resilient community. WE also help Local Authories and development companies create exciting, new, energy positive developments.

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Development Management

We apply our extensive regeneration experience to provide innovative, imaginative and focused development management skills to major projects.

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Finance and Assets

We specialise in innovative ways to fund community led developments and help local organisations to take an enterprising approach to their work.  Establishing local foundations, securing loan funding, developing local share issues are all tools available to ambitious communities.

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Toolkits and Guidance

We passionately believe in developing and sharing ideas that work well and highlighting the pitfalls to avoid.  We research, write and publish good practice guides and toolkits.  We devise and deliver training courses for those involved in the areas of our work.

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Facilitating Meetings and Events

We help our clients to run well organised, exciting and productive meetings and events.  We understand the importance of careful planning and will help you to structure your meetings to ensure the best possible outcome.

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