Alan works to encourage, challenge and inform thinking for a green future. He uses techniques such as ‘5 min provocations’ to shine a light on great ideas.

Alan standing in front of a wall covered in street art.


Alan has 30 years experience in community empowerment. regeneration, social enterprise, sustainability and climate change.  Alan gained invaluable early experience working for community based companies in London before returning to Scotland to establish and lead a national regeneration charity. He founded his current company in 2000 and has been delivering thoughtful, valued consultancy since then.

Alan stands among a climate emergency protest, holding a signs which says 'Tick Tock'

His Associates

Alan values collaborative work and is fortunate enough to have formed long term working relationships with a fabulous group of like minded colleagues. From illustration to economic strategy, and filmmaking to fundraising he can assemble the perfect creative team for chosen projects.

Alan talks with a woman, standing over a scale model of a new green development.

His Contacts

Alan has a growing network of leaders, collaborators and exemplar projects from across Europe and further afield. The online world has opened the virtual door to the highest calibre speakers, business leaders and professional contacts. Alan’s contacts can challenge and inspire thinking for a green future.

these conferences and initiatives are such great work. The mind map shows how far you have gone here. This was only possible because these conferences were so well organised. I am amazed!

Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard

Director of Greenovation and former Major of Copenhagen


Honest with strong principles.


Values listening, differences,
and dignity


Desires to know, explore,
and learn.


For both people and planet.